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Pine Creek Rentals provides contractors, homeowners, and farmers with quality rental tools and contractor equipment from our location in central Michigan.
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We are always adding new items, so if you don't see the tool you need to complete your job, please call our store at (989) 236-5346

Most equipment that we rent is available for sale.

New Shark Pressure Washers In Stock! Call for Pricing.

Pressure washer hoses, wands, guns, turbo nozzles & more!
About Our Company
Pine Creek Rentals is located in central Michigan near the village of Middleton and has been offering rental services since 2007. Our company is family owned and operated. Our goal is to provide our local communities with affordable and quality equipment to complete projects and dreams that will move us into the future!

We stock a large selection of rental tools and contractor equipment, including: Aerial Work Platforms, Telehandlers, Dozers, Excavators, Bobcats, Contractors Tools, Concrete Tools, Compactors, Air Compressors, Jack Hammers, Landscaping Tools, Light Towers, Plumbing Tools, Post Hole Diggers, Pressure Washers, Water Pumps, Welders, Scaffolding, Trailers, Trenchers, Chippers, Stump Grinders and more, waiting for any project on your agenda!

Please browse our "Rental Items" page and click on the desired category where you will find an actual image, a description and rates listed for each tool. We feel that our rates are very competitive, but if you have received a cheaper quote for a similar piece of equipment, please contact us and we will do our best to extend your savings!

Here at Pine Creek Rentals, our staff is dedicated to the service of you, our customer. We will endeavor to assist you to the best of our ability with all of your projects and we promise to provide you with quality equipment at an affordable price.

Delivery and pick up service is available for most of central Michigan. Contact us for a delivery rate quote.

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we could serve you better, please contact us by phone ((989) 236-5346 or email us at
Thank You! In Advance For Your Support!
Interstate Batteries, Equipment Rental 7 Battery Sales in Perrinton, MI
Interstate Batteries
We Stock A Large Selection Of Batteries For Auto, Ag, Truck and Construction Applications. Quanity Discounts!!!
Equipment Delivery, Heavy Equipment Rentals in Perrinton, MI
DELIVERY Available
Equipment Only
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Contact us for your custom made hydraulic hoses. We stock a large selection of hose and fittings. Also in stock: Transport Chain, Mechanics Hand Tools, Hardware Items, Power Trowel Blades, Sandpaper, Diamond Concrete and Asphalt Blades, Safety Equipment and Much More!
Here Are 12 Great Reasons To "Think Rental!"
1. Minimum Inventory-Ownership can be very expensive when equipment is idle. Combining ownership of basic equipment with rental equipment as needed will minimize idle time.

2. Right Equipment for the Job-Eliminate the hidden costs of inefficiency due to use of wrong size or type of equipment and the maintenance and repair incurred. Rental equipment ensures the right equipment for the job.

3. Warehousing-Use of rental equipment eliminates the need for large storage areas/buildings. This overhead in your cost of doing business is minimized.

4. Breakdowns-Virually all equipment is subject to occasional breakdowns. However, when rented equipment breaks down, idle time is minimized through replacement by the rental company and repair costs are eliminated.

5. Maintenance-Rented equipment includes full maintenance, no repair shop, no spare parts inventory, no mechanics, no added maintenance payroll or maintenance record keeping.

6. Equipment Obsolescence-Ownership of equipment involves the risk of rising wage costs and slower job completion time due to owning worn, obsolete models when new, better, faster models are available from our rental company.

7. Disposal Costs-Preparing used, obsolete equipment for resale, advertising and selling time are factors of ownership that do not occur in renting.

8. Cost Control-Knowing the true costs of owned equipment is difficult. Rented equipment offers you just one accountable cost figure, the rental invoice cost.

9. Inventory Control-The presence of continuous billing on rented equipment establishes personal accountability. Inventory loss due to pilferage is minimized.

10. Taxes/Licenses-Personal property taxes and license costs are eliminated on rented equipment.

11. Conservation of Capitol-Renting construction equipment frees your capitol for other potentially more profitable uses.

12. Increase in Borrowing Capacity-Contractors who rent instead of purchase find borrowing easier with better ratio of assets to liabilities since equipment does not appear as a liability on the balance sheet. The normal line of bank credit is not disturbed, a most important asset in securing bonds for construction work.
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We are a member of the American Rental Association.
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