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To Enable Us To Meet Your Needs, Call In Advance To Reserve Equipment.
Rental charges due in advance. We accept payment in the form of Cash, Check or Credit Card. There is a $30.00 fee on returned Checks.
Rental Rates:
Rates are based on time out with maximum time usage as follows:
* 24 Hour Day
8 Hours Machine Time
* 7 Day Week
40 Hours Machine Time
* 4 Weeks
160 Hours Machine Time
* Overtime will be pro-rated.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Contact us today for quick delivery of your rental contractor equipment.
Customer Responsibility
1. Furnish a qualified operator.

2. Perform daily maintenance. Check oil levels, tire pressure and grease the machine.

3. Notify Pine Creek Rentals immediately of equipment malfunction or failure.

4. Clean equipment before returning or cleaning charges will be applied.

5. Return machine full of fuel or refueling charges will be applied.

6. Abnormal wear or damage to machine or tires, due to neglect or abuse, will be charged to the customer.
1. Customer is responsible for all property and liability losses.

2. Customer must provide satisfactory certificate of insurance for damage to equipment. A damage waiver option is available.